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The FormHandler component is an utility for people that are still using the options API or, that for some reason want to do the handling on the template side.


It is highly recommend that you use the useFormHandler composable if possible, since it is the intended way of making use of this package and gives you more control over the form.

How it works

You pass the same props as you'd be passing to the composable but to a component on the template, and the component will enable you a scoped slot with the return of useFormHandler.

As you can imagine, the FormHandler composable and useFormHandler share the same API but differ in the usage.


<template @submit.prevent="handleSubmit(successFn)">
    <template v-slot="{ register, handleSubmit }">
      <form @submit.prevent="handleSubmit(successFn)">
        <input v-bind="register('firstName')" />
        <input v-bind="register('lastName')" />
<script setup lang="ts">
import { FormHandler } from 'vue-form-handler'

const successFn = (form: Record<string, any>) => {
  console.log({ form })

Released under the MIT License.