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Resets a field, this means that the field is set back to it's initial value or to the default/fallback value if no initialValue was present. This will not trigger a validation for the field but actually will clear the errors since it goes back to the 'initial' state. This does also not trigger the interceptor.


Coming soon...


Reset a field on demand

Choose any option of the select and then reset the field

  <select v-bind="register('continent')" placeholder="Choose your country">
    <option value="AM">America</option>
    <option value="AS">Asia</option>
    <option value="EU">Europe</option>
  <button @click="() => resetField('continent')">
    Reset a field on demand
<script setup lang="ts">
import { useFormHandler } from 'vue-form-handler'
const { register, resetField } = useFormHandler({
  initialValues: {
    continent: 'AM',

Type Declarations

export type ResetField = (name: keyof T) => void

Released under the MIT License.